Add a new place to Zero Waste App

add your city Finding those wonderful Zero Waste Friendly places around the world is our mission. One example is La Recyclerie in Paris. Beautiful and the perfect place for Zero Wasters.

Help us find those places all over the world!

Since version 1.0.33(ios) you can recommend a place to Zero Waste App.

All you need is the latest app version:


and the city for which you’d like to recommend a new place must be unlocked.

You can recommend bulk shops, zero waste shops, packaging free shops, plastic free shops, zero waste friendly cafes and restaurants, zero waste activities, composting locations, 2nd hand shops, rental places, repair cafes and businesses, things on tap (like drinking water, beverages, alcoholic beverages, oils, vinegar… any type of liquid).

Check out this video about how to recommend a new place:

You can also use this feature to send us a picture and a comment for a place that is already in the app. There are lots of locations still without picture and we would love it if you can help us fill the gaps.

Add a City to Zero Waste App

add your city Especially for visitors with limited time it’s not so easy to find the one supermarket with bulk aisle, the butcher who accepts customer owned packaging and the tiny shop that sells zero waste products.

But the more people can buy packaging free, plastic free, the better for the environment and for everyone of us.

You can help residents and visitors of your city finding the hidden Zero Waste Gems.

If your city is already available in Zero Waste App you can add new Zero Waste Friendly locations using the app!

But there are many, many cities not yet available in the app yet and we are constantly working on adding more.

Add your city! Please contact by writing an email to info[at]

Why Zero Waste App is the way it is

The zero waste app way

Is there an Android version of Zero Waste App?

Yes there is, a beta version.


It’s not the exact same as the iOS version but we’re working on getting all the features in.

Why do I have to pay to unlock a city?

App development is quite costly and keeping it up running is expensive too. There are costs for the development itself, the hosting, the hosting of the website and blog, for tools. And we’re just two people doing this in our free time, paying all this from our own money. In order to make sure that the Zero Waste App can survive and thrive for a long time we’re asking for a small amount of money which helps us paying the bills. And it is the lowest price level possible for in-app purchases. See it as a tiny donation towards a tool that helps the Zero Waste Movement.

We do know that there are maps available online where people can add locations to a map and you can use them for free. Please go ahead and use them! They might be somewhat complicated to use on a phone though. We’re also aware that there is google out there and you can search for things and businesses. Please go ahead and use it! Anything that helps you reduce your waste is great! Google-ing in order to find those small stores that have a couple of gravity bins might be a bit tricky though. And hardly anyone mentions on their website that they are a Zero Waste Friendly cafe or restaurant, even if they are.

Alternatively you can ask the Zero Waste Expert of a city! And that you what you get when you use Zero Waste App.

We like to keep the app advertisement free and asking for the small amount for your city that is our way to achieving that.

Important to know:

Once you’ve unlocked a city, all locations that are added to that city in the future will be downloaded automatically to your phone. Your map will show more and more markers.

Even more important to know:

We’ll keep working on the app in order to make it better and better. More cities are coming and new features are in the making.

Why can’t I add a business?

1. You can add a business for a city you’ve unlocked.

Please read here how that works: Add a new place to Zero Waste App.

2. You can not add a business for a city that is not yet unlocked.

We don’t want you to send us things that are already in because that would produce even more work on our end. So we would like you to check first if the business is already in or not. After all, we don’t want to receive any spam either.

3. You can not add a business for a city that is not yet available in Zero Waste App

When you unlock a city, you’ll notice that many locations for this city are available. Many if not most have high quality pictures too.

For Vienna for example your phone will download this number of locations if you unlock it right now:


Also there is a lot of information in the general city information available which is helpful for Zero Wasters.

This is the general information about Vienna:

vienna-2 vienna-3 vienna-4 vienna-5 vienna-6 vienna-7 vienna-8
All this information (general information and the location details) was gathered for you by a local Zero Waste Expert or a local Zero Waste Group. You can see who gathered the information in the city details and also on the contributors page.

To get all the data for Vienna together, Sophie has done an amazing job and she is a local expert.

Those where the three most discussed topics behind the scenes. Please don’t hesitate sending us your questions and comments.

If you like this project and would like to help us, there are many ways to get involved, just check out this page: Get Involved.

Available and coming soon cities and regions

available cities

The list of available cities is ever growing. It’s definitely worth checking back over time. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a city author yourself, please send us a quick note via the contact form.

If you’d like to add a new location for a city that is already listed below, you can use the Add a new place form to do so.

You’ll find all the city authors who made this possible on the contributors page.

Coming soon:

  • Greece
    • Athens (GA)
  • China
    • Hong Kong

Available cities and regions:

Asia Pacific Japan

  • Australia
    • Melbourne
  • Malaysia
    • Malaysia

Europe the Middle East and Afrika

  • Austria
    • Vienna
  • France
    • Paris, Lyon
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Hamburg
    • Munich
  • Great Britain
    • London
  • Greece
    • Thessaloniki
  • Netherlands
    • Amersfoort
    • Arnhem
    • Deventer
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon
  • Spain
    • San Sebastian

North America

  • United States of America
    • Asheville (NC)
    • Boise (ID)
    • Hampton Roads (VA)
    • Hood River (OR)
    • New York (NY)
    • Northern Virginia
    • Portland (OR)
    • Santa Cruz (CA)
    • St. Louis (MO)
  • Canada
    • Montreal
    • Vancouver
  • Mexico
    • Mexico City

Middle and South America

  • Guatemala
    • Antigua

This is the list of all contributors whose information is already available in the App. There are many more contributors who have helped compile the data for their city but the city is not released yet and others are currently working on collecting all the data for their hometown. We’ll be adding to this list when new cities are available in the app.

Help us make this an even better resource for Zero Wasters and become a contributor as well. Want to contribute with the data for your city? Get in contact! Or you can contribute with your translating skills by becoming a Volunteer Translator.

Ana Milhazes Martins

Ana-Milhazes-Martins Minimalist and Zero Waste blogger, Ana lives in Porto near the sea, and loves it! Passionate about helping others and trying to change the world, she is always up to something. Can’t live without her dog Tobias and yoga.

She visits Lisbon a lot.
Ana contributed: Lisbon & Porto, Portugal

Bastian Echterhölter

Bastian Bastian stumbled into Zero Waste via his wife Inge. He’s the one and only programmer making the app. Most important person in this game. One day, there will be a more accurate, less fuzzy picture.

Bastian contributed: The App

Bianca van Dalen

Bianca van Dalen Bianca van Dalen blogged for a while about Zero Waste living in the Netherlands. She got motivated to start her own shop with products that help living Zero Waste.

Bianca contributed: Deventer, Netherlands

Chloé Lepeltier

Chloé Lepeltier Chloé Lepeltier is a French globetrotter now based in Portland, Oregon. She lives a near Zero Waste life and is on her way to becoming a Master Recycler. She infuses spontaneity, nature, and her eye for beauty to capture moments in words and images on her blog, Conscious by Chloé, where she chronicles her daily style, travels and life and aims to inspire and motivate her readers to live a simpler, greener and happier life.
Chloé contributed: Portland, OR, USA

Daniela Schott

Daniela Schott Daniela is an online entrepreneur and traveller who wants to make a difference in the world. On her website, she writes about her travels around the world and sustainability, especially Zero Waste, minimalism and a vegan diet. Daniela is convinced that every little step in the right direction counts and that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.
Daniela contributed: Munich, Germany

Inge Echterhölter

Inge Echterhölter Inge blogged about Zero Waste and a greener, more sustainable life on her blog GRüNISH. The blog is history now and other Zero Waste projects have taken over. Inge founded the Zero Waste Bloggers Network and she develops Zero Waste App together with her husband Bastian. Since beginning of 2018 she’s also the one girl behind oodles and pinches Haarlem’s first Zero Waste Shop.
Inge contributed: The App, German translations, Antigua, Guatemala & Hood River, OR, USA

Jessie & Nicky Kroon

Jessie & Nicky Kroon Nicky and Jessie are two twenty-somethings living together in Amersfoort. The sisters started the first Dutch Zero Waste lifestyle blog and love to share their insiders tips, knowledge and experiences. Their mission? Saving the world, one jar at the time.
Jessie & Nicky contributed: Amersfoort, Netherlands

Louise Salvati

Louise Salvati Louise is the author of the blog Luizzati. She adopted a Zero Waste & minimalist lifestyle which she applies in her Paris life and during her travels.
Louise contributed: Paris, France

Luise Rosemeier & Christoph Buckler

 Luise Rosemeier & Christoph Buckler Luise and Christoph started to live Zero Waste early 2016 and run the blog Trashless Society. Living in Hamburg they have a good personal network with local Zero Wasters and bulk shop owners. They like to provide Zero Waste tips and focus on how to save the environment and live more minimalistic while showing that this lifestyle is fun.
Luise & Christoph contributed: Hamburg, Germany

María Medusa

 María Medusa María is the author of two poetry books: Pastel and Malaria Maracuyá. She was born in Mexico City and studies Sociology.
María contributed: Lyon, France

Pip Sadler

Pip Sadler Pip’s favorite things are outdoor swimming and anything and everything related to sustainability. Perhaps surprisingly London is a great place for both! When not doing either of these, Pip enjoys yoga, cooking, dog walking and exploring the greener bits hiding around the city.
Pip contributed: London, UK

Rosana Ribeiro

Rosana Ribeiro Rosana is a Dancer, who lives between London and Lisbon and is a Zero Waster since January 2015. She is the founder of Zero Waste Portugal. Rosana created this page to share everything she had learned so far and inspire or find new people who want to join this lifestyle. Rosana contributed: Lisbon, Portugal

Sarah Noyé

Sarah Noyé Sarah is French, was born in Germany, studied in Denmark and in the UK, and lives in Spain. She learned that there is more than one way to do things. She hates waste of all sorts, mostly of time and resources. As an engineer, she likes to torture her brain on how to solve complex problems. On her blog, she shares her journey towards a better life for herself and the environment.
Sarah contributed: San Sebastián, Spain


Sophie Sophie loves to talk about any and all Zero Waste alternatives, preferably with a fresh cup of organic coffee or tea bought in bulk. She started her blog ‘The Green Walnuts’ to share ideas for a green and intentional lifestyle. Best place to start? Her hometown of Vienna, where sustainable living is simple and pretty fun.
Sophie contributed: Vienna, Austria

Susanne Neumer

Susanne Neumer Susanne runs the blog Based in Berlin she started to change her life towards Zero Waste in order to live more simple and healthy. She wants to contribute to our environment and is always curious to discover new things. On her blog she shows how easy it is to live the Zero Waste concept and shares her experiences, tips and ideas.
Susanne contributed: Berlin, Germany

Tessa de Reede

Tessa de Reede Tessa is a mother of 2 living in Deventer in the Netherlands. Together with her family she attempts to live as sustainable as possible. Since 2014 she writes about sustainable and healthy living, including Zero Waste.
Tessa contributed: Deventer, Netherlands

Get Involved

This is for the Zero Waste Movement and from the Zero Waste Movement. We wouldn’t be able to run this project without the help of the many wonderful people who are involved in it.

And you can help too! Be it through sharing our website or facebook page with your friends via social media, or becoming a volunteer translator for the app or even becoming the city expert for your hometown in the app.


recommend-and-update Add a new place and help us stay up to date.

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Zero Waste App Support

Want to let us know about changes at a specific location?

Here are some examples of topics that you could report per location:

  • A location isn’t as Zero Waste Friendly as described in the App,
  • A location has additional Zero Waste Friendly features that are not mentioned in the App yet,
  • The business doesn’t exist anymore,
  • Data shown in the App is incorrect (opening hours, address, website url),
  • or really anything you want to let us know about a specific location.

To find out how to report a change like that to us, check out this short video:

… or about a more general topic ?

You can also send us information that is not related to an existing location. Examples are:

An new Zero Waste Friendly business has opened -> go to this form There is a change needed in the general information about a city: new, composting or recycling option, a new Zero Waste Group or Activity a change in the description of the drinking water is needed Something doesn’t work as it should Here is a quick video about how to report general topics via the feedback form in the app:

… or about a more general topic ? You can also send us information that is not related to an existing location. Examples are:

An new Zero Waste Friendly business has opened -> go to this form There is a change needed in the general information about a city: new, composting or recycling option, a new Zero Waste Group or Activity a change in the description of the drinking water is needed Something doesn’t work as it should Here is a quick video about how to report general topics via the feedback form in the app:

Want to report a bug?

So, you found a bug… eeewh!

No, but don’t worry it’s just a software bug. A software bug is a behavior of the software that is different from what is expected. For example:

You click a marker of a location but the location detail screen doesn’t open The screen opens but shows weird stuff or is blank An error message is shown The city unlock process doesn’t work You unlocked location information successfully but the location data isn’t downloading These are just examples.

Please try to use the feedback forms that are described further up on this page. If the bug doesn’t allow you to use the feedback forms, you can also report the via email at info[at]

Have a question or suggestion?

None of the above described ways seem to be what you’re looking for? That’s ok. You can send us any question or suggestion via email at info[at]