Add a new place to Zero Waste App

add your city Finding those wonderful Zero Waste Friendly places around the world is our mission. One example is La Recyclerie in Paris. Beautiful and the perfect place for Zero Wasters.

Help us find those places all over the world!

Since version 1.0.33(ios) you can recommend a place to Zero Waste App.

All you need is the latest app version:


and the city for which you’d like to recommend a new place must be unlocked.

You can recommend bulk shops, zero waste shops, packaging free shops, plastic free shops, zero waste friendly cafes and restaurants, zero waste activities, composting locations, 2nd hand shops, rental places, repair cafes and businesses, things on tap (like drinking water, beverages, alcoholic beverages, oils, vinegar… any type of liquid).

Check out this video about how to recommend a new place:

You can also use this feature to send us a picture and a comment for a place that is already in the app. There are lots of locations still without picture and we would love it if you can help us fill the gaps.

Add a City to Zero Waste App